UV, Specialty Coating & Laminating

UV & Specialty Coating

Add a unique touch to your printed materials with gloss, matte varnish or UV specialty coatings.

Most of our products are finished with inline aqueous coating but, for something unique on your next printed piece, consider adding a gloss or matte varnish, or a UV (ultraviolet) or specialty coating. These techniques are easy to apply and can be almost any shape or design you would like.

Aqueous coating, spot varnish, UV coating and other options can also:

  • Maximize clarity of a printed piece
  • Highlight specific visual elements or add depth to a piece
  • Serve as a protective layer after application
  • Create tactile appeal
  • Improve a piece’s overall durability

If a project requires other effects or finishes in addition to a coating, such as folding, gluing, foil stamping or embossing, certain coatings will produce better results.

Contact us to determine which of these solutions is feasible with the paper stock, project size and overall goal of your next printed piece.


Give your project a professional touch with laminating film finish.

When your project needs a professional touch to add credibility, consider adding a matte or gloss covering. Regardless of which you choose, both matte pouches and glossy laminating finishes come out clear and precise, and your images and text are completely visible through the exterior coating.

Which finish you choose should be based on the desired look and type of project.

Glossy laminated finishes are best utilized for:

  • Book covers
  • Bookmarks
  • Badges
  • Restaurant menus
  • Study materials
  • Other everyday items

Matte film finish is more often used for:

  • Images
  • Store signs set under direct lighting
  • Projects where deflecting glare is important

Contact us to determine which finish is best for your project.